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Minnesota State Bird and Flower Common Loon and Pink and White Lady's Slipper Counted Cross Stitch Pattern

  • Minnesota State Bird & Flower
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The common loon (Gavia immer) was adopted as the official state bird symbol of Minnesota in 1961. Loons are known for their cries, wails, and yodels - their eerie, echoing calls are a distinctive feature of Minnesota’s northern lakes.

Loons are large black and white birds with red eyes. They have wingspans up to five feet and body lengths up to three feet. Although clumsy on land, they are high-speed flyers and excellent underwater swimmers (they will dive to depths of 90 feet in pursuit of fish). Approximately 12,000 of these unique birds make their summer homes in Minnesota.

The pink and white lady’s slipper (Cypripedium reginae) was designated the official state flower of Minnesota in 1902. Lady's slippers can live up to 50 years but develop slowly, taking up to 16 years to produce their first flower. Since 1925 this rare wildflower has been protected by Minnesota state law (it is illegal to pick the flowers or to uproot or unearth the plants).

The approximate design size using 18 count fabric is 8" x 11.44" - stitch count is 144 x 206.

What you receive:

A multi-page full color pattern.
A DMC floss number and color list.
A floss usage report indicating the number of skeins of each color required to work the pattern.
A color picture of the design for reference.
Floss and fabric not included.

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